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Our mission is to fostering creativity and elevating visual excellence, empowering directors and DOPs to transform their imagination into reality seamlessly.

We see technology as an incredible opportunity for the evolution of creativity.

Evoke is a body of artists and technicians brought together by their desire to elevate the creative process through technology. For our clients, we’ve designed an approach where the majority of post-production is completed before the camera even rolls. As a result, we provide a near final look, in real-time, directly on set, during production. This process unifies our creative team’s and the client’s imagination, giving them perfect creative control. This results in the creation of higher quality content in a shorter period of time.

Virtual studio, Vicon tracking and motion capturing, Unreal 5 data development.

  • Creative Development

    Digital Actors & Costumes, Virtual Set & Digital Props

  • Virtual Production

    Virtual Led Studio / Virtual Unreal Studio / Mocap Studio

  • Content Delivery

    Live Streaming / Recorded Video / Film / VFX

  • Metaverse World

    Social VR / AR / Digital Twins / Avatars

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  • Virtual Production

    LED Screen Studio

  • Realtime Production

    Motion Capturing Studio

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