Creativity thrives in Fantasy

Fantasy represents unlimited imagination and creativity. We empower filmmakers to translate their fantasy into captivating cinematic effects in real-time.

Top skilled Virtual Production artists

Our team is a fusion of creative artists and skilled technicians who share a common goal: Extend the limits of technology to push the borders of creativity. Our proven track record involves delivering top-tier virtual production services to esteemed clients, including AppleTV, AMC, ZDF, and numerous others, showcasing our industry expertise and exceptional proficiency.

Virtual Production, Vicon Tracking and Motion Capturing, Data development UE scenes and Video plates.

  • Pre-production

    VP Supervision, Previsualization (Previs), Data development for LED Stage (UE Scenes, 360 Plates), Testing and Lighting.

  • Virtual Production

    Shooting in VP Studio (LED Volume), Camera & Props Tracking, On-set Visualization, On-set Color Grading.

  • Motion Capturing

    Capturing the motions of actors then translated into digital data that can be used to animate characters or objects in a virtual environment.

  • Motion Controls

    Motion control enables precise, automated camera or prop movement, syncing seamlessly with LED digital scenes.

Our studio at FAK film in Kladno meets industry standards with eco-friendly practices, prioritizing environmental responsibility

  • Studio Specs

    Studio 900 m2 (21x28m) + modern 780 m2 facility complete with production, costume, makeup, dressing, and camera rooms, as well as ample prop storage. Adjacent to the studio, you'll find a spacious 1500 m2 parking lot.

  • VP Facility Specs

    Main Wall - curved 27m x 5m
Resolution 10368x1920
LED P2.6, 1500 nits
Refresh Rate 7680Hz
Novastar MX40 Pro Processors

Full Ceiling 90m2
LED P3.9 1000 nits. Vicon camera tracking.

Fantasy Studios

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